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Need help resizing an image?
Here's some useful stuff (clicking one of these links will
open a new window and leave this one open):

Free online resizer
Microsoft Windows Resizer
Shrink images online
Use Windows Photo Gallery Live
Use Microsoft Paint

Why is there a 2MB limit on image file size?

Today's cameras and image editing programs can produce really large image files sizes,
many times bigger than needed to display on web pages.

Linky Tools could do all the resizing for you but the image has to be UPLOADED
first to our server before the processing can occur. With thousands and
thousands of images being added to thumbnail lists every day, allowing large
image file uploads would make the entire system slower for all users.

It is VERY easy to resize an image, and there are many ways to do it. It is a
basic skill. We've provided the links above to help and any of them will allow
you to quickly resize an image before uploading it here.